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RM Detailing offers high-quality car detailing Derby services and exceptional customer service that sets us apart from other companies. We specialise in restoring and protecting cars with the latest technology and are experts in car detailing Derby, valeting, paint correction and protection. No one will take better care of your vehicle than RM Detailing. We are committed to delivering a gold-standard, professional service to every vehicle that comes into our hands.

Our expert staff, affordable prices, and top customer service make us your local car detailing Derby expert. Our services are designed to protect your car and keep your vehicle looking its best. With the necessary, modern tools and equipment to get your vehicle back to its showroom condition. We can arrive at a location of your choice at a time that would best suit you, be it your house, office, gym or elsewhere.

car detailing Derby

Your vehicle can be a big investment you make, so why lose money needlessly by poorly maintaining it? With your vehicle exposed to an array of hazards every day, from UV radiation, road salt and bug & bird splats, you could be looking for something that can help protect your vehicle’s exterior surface. Our services and solutions could be just the thing you need.

RM Detailing not only provides bespoke car detailing and valeting solutions but can provide your vehicles with a beautiful ceramic coatings service. This service is a good choice for car waxing solutions. When cured onto your vehicle, this coating chemically bonds to the surface of your car making it a rigid, super-structure of nanoglass, protecting the exterior from any damage and deterioration over time. If properly maintained, after the process, the vehicle’s finish should shine for many years to come.

We are proud to provide a high-quality service to ensure your vehicle looks its best! We will only use premium products to ensure a quality finish and ensure our range of services covers all your requirements. RM Detailing has built our business with a combination of hard work, trust and honesty and with genuine care for every vehicle worked on.

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If you are interested in any of the services we provide, make sure you get in touch! You can contact us by giving us a call or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.